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Scientific Challenges and Cost-Effective Management of Risks Associated with Implementation of Produce Safety Regulations

Many studies have addressed specific aspects of pathogen contamination and control in produce production, but most have focused on a single step in the food chain or on a single pathogen in a single crop. This project forms an integrative framework applicable to different food-pathogen combinations to support produce safety decisions.

This research project involves a consortium of researchers and extension specialists from 9 land grant universities and one federal agency. It will provide unique expertise for examining food safety strategies and methodologies across multiple geographic regions to address the needs for a systematic validation of food safety metrics.

A research team of this magnitude provides the foundation for a truly integrated research project achieving short-, medium- and long-term performance metrics; establishing decision points related to specific research and extension activity areas; and interacting with stakeholders, including coordination and organization of the Produce Advisory Committee (PAC).

Upcoming Events

12/03/2021   CONTACT December Webinar

11/04/2021   CONTACT November Webinar

08/03/2021   PAC Meeting: Objective 4 - Postharvest and Sanitation

07/18/2021 - 07/21/2021 IAFP in Phoenix, AZ

07/12/2021   PAC Meeting: Objective 1 - Agricultural Water

07/08/2021   PAC Meeting: Objective 3 - Preharvest and Harvest Practices

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